Welcome to Synchronizerz!

Synchronizerz is a Star Citizen organization and gaming community united by our shared values and goals. These values include teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and respect for others. Every member of Synchronizerz is valuable. Through our individual efforts, everyone can achieve greater success and enjoyment.

Synchronizerz has organized departments and we are active in every aspect of Star Citizen, except piracy. Whether your goal is to become an expert navigator, ace pilot, engage in trade, mining, and transport, or become an explorer, you can find assistance from like-minded players willing to assist you. Synchronizerz has had some of the highest-ranked teams in Arena Commander and Star Marine and we look forward to doing the same in Theaters of War. These are among the many opportunities for you to experience Star Citizen as a valued team member in Synchronizerz.

Our Trial for Membership program is open and we have recruiting officers standing by. We are currently accepting new members for all divisions and departments, civilian and military. Is there a place for you in Synchronizerz? Do you have the determination to earn your place? Apply now and see – Join us on RSI and on Discord!

Synchronizerz Departments

Be active, earn achievements, receive training, make friends, and enjoy success in one of the organization’s departments


Maintaining positive communication inside and outside of the organization.


The tip of the Spear. Escorting, hunting, recon, and high risk adventure

Business & Logistics

Mining, farming, hauling, and transport.

Science & Exploration

Discovery, innovation, recon, and research.


The centerpiece of our economic might – fiscal policy and funds management.

Public Relations

Promoting, Marketing, Media, and Merchandising.