About Us

De Cosmo Et Terra – Synchronized We Rise!

Synchronizerz was founded in June 2016, as a global organization from all countries and time zones. We are an active, passionate, and fun organization that prioritizes economic strength and military dominance within the Star Citizen universe. All members of Synchronizerz aim to provide a friendly, dedicated, supportive, and unified atmosphere for each other (and our allies) allowing us to accomplish greater things together than we could ever do apart. We are a team and together, we rise. This is our Mandate. This is your call. Will you answer?

Goal and Objective

As a gaming community, we seek to achieve something that is rarely done in real life — to be a place where our different nationalities, religions, political interests, or genders inspire and enhance our work together as a big family and tight-knit team. This is our goal.

As an amazing team, we have one objective: To provide everything our members need in Star Citizen from within the organization itself. You do not need to go out in the cold darkness of the ‘verse alone and unprotected.

Synchronizerz is your home base. We have your back.


Synchronizerz is active in ALL aspects of the Star Citizen Universe (except piracy).

As your trusted home base for socializing and success, Synchronizerz has everything a person needs to achieve their in-game goals, have fun, and make friends.

You can dive deep into organization departments, specialized roles, or play more casually. You will never have to fight, mine, explore, haul cargo alone in the ‘verse again. As a global organization, we are active 24/7 and ready to help you.

“As Synchronizerz we are a very active and open community in Star Citizen. We always welcome newcomers through our streams, social media, and many other sources. We have a lot of goals in the ‘Verse and are always looking for new members. Together, we rise! I look forward to meeting you.”

β€” w4rb0t, Synchronizerz Founder

Code of Conduct

Synchronizerz members are expected to maintain a certain level of conduct in regard to their interactions in the ‘verse and on our platforms. You are to abide by these principles:

  • Be respectful toward other people and their ideas/opinions
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • No trolling or griefing in any shape or form
  • No sharing of explicit content (pornography, violence, etc.)
  • Respect people’s weaknesses, focus on strengths, help one another improve
  • People will disagree, but do not engage in abusive and salty discussions
  • Stay polite and positive after combat – win or lose
  • Be mature. Be professional. Be humble. Resolve issues. Teamwork!

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