We are a well organized and helpful community who is always trying to push limits, ensuring that we persevere to become one of the most powerful organistations. Yet we always remember that power isn't everything, as we always strive to have more fun together than anything else alone!

Together we attempt to increase each others' experiences in the Star Citizen universe by working together to form a team that can reach further and aim higher than any player could do alone. We have dedicated and helpful members that always try their best to ensure that others can have the best experience possible, including items such as guides and tacticians to ensure that we give each of our members the best opportunity possible to have the most fun possible!

We always work together as a team, keeping salt to the minimum and always attempt to be the ones who rise above the ocean floor, into the air then into the stars themselves. Aiming high, achieving higher, our main objective is to have fun as a community! We are all huge fans of star citizen and lots of us have been following it from the very start, always trying to support CIG and each other to push Star Citizen to it's limits and then push beyond to have the most fun we could possibly ever have!

Stretching worldwide, SynchronizerZ isn't just an organisation, it's a wish - a way of thinking.