A warm welcome to SynchronizerZ!

Building a strong Star Citizen community organisation based on shared values and teamplay needs quality people with high standards and a commitment to excel.
The efforts of every member of SynchronizerZ influences the success and enjoyment to be had as a tightly knit unit of individuals focused on being the best.

We already have some of the highest ranked teams in Arena Commander and Star Marine, perhaps you can earn your place on the leaderboards and with a fleet of ships the envy of larger organisations there are sure to be opportunities for all to experience every aspect of the game as a valued team member.

There are no restrictions on membership, everyone can play a part in one of the most active org's in the verse.

Our trial membership programme is now open and we are currently recruiting researchers, scientists, warfare managers, special forces, pilots, engineers, tacticians and more. Why not become a part of our success and apply for membership now!

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